Presidential Election Season: An Open Letter to Conservative Christians

Well, here we are again in presidential election season. I’m so glad candidates are starting to declare their bids for office. Christians were becoming too nice on social media (yes, that’s sarcasm).

Now the candidates are starting to declare their bid for office. That means the idiots are coming out of hiding and railing against politicians with whom they disagree. Homer Facepalm

May God have mercy on us all.

As someone who self-identifies with conservative Christianity, I’d like to say a couple things to American conservative Christians.

1. Please cut out the vitriol you spew about politicians. Many conservative Christians behave as though their Bibles say:

And Jesus spake, “Thou mayest put off the qualities that are supposed to make up thy character when thou art criticizing political enemies.”

Except Jesus never said that. The qualities that make up our character are supposed to be there in and out of election season. Colossians 4:6 says:

Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.

Many conservative Christians stop being gracious when it comes to discussing politics. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying to be silent when you have a dissenting opinion. I am saying that we’re not dissenting in a way that honors God.

2. Stop blasting Hillary as being evil. I’ve heard her described as “monster,” “liar,” “domineering,” and a whole bunch of other terms I won’t even bother repeating. You may not like her personality or her politics, but they does not give us cause to be rude and vile in the way we talk about her.

Here’s the thing – a lot of conservative Christians said similar things about Barack Obama. Many went so far as to call him the Antichrist. But we’re coming to the end of his presidency and the country is still here. He DIDN’T destroy America. The Apocalypse has NOT come. Soooo…y’all were wrong.

Perhaps people who hold different political views than we do are not evil or welcoming the end of our great nation. Perhaps they’re just different. Perhaps Hillary is simply another politician and not Satan incarnate.

And allow me to get on my soapbox for a second. A lot of the criticism leveled at Hillary Clinton is merely because she’s female (yes, I went there). Men who display the same qualities and characteristics are not blasted the way she is. Gender bias is a real phenomenon in our society – don’t play into it.

At the end of the day, please voice your opinion! That’s part of the beauty of living in a democratic republic. But do it in a way that honors God, honors people, and isn’t idiotic. 😉



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6 Replies to “Presidential Election Season: An Open Letter to Conservative Christians”

  1. Could you give one example where Hillary is criticized for anything that Obama or her husband wouldn’t be due to gender bias? Thats really a straw man. I was around in the 90s and the language about bill was equally harsh. Why shouldn’t a politician be described as a liar if there is a track record of continuous lying? Other than that, I agree we should be civil.


    1. The criticisms I’m talking about regarding gender bias are regarding her personality. I’ve heard people level complaints and criticisms about things that are often seen as desirable traits in male leaders.


  2. I agree with your points about speaking nicely. I’ve been a born-again Christian for over 50 years, but when it comes to some politicians it’s hard to hold my peace. I ask God for forgiveness. However, I do disagree with 2 points. When someone consistently lies and bullies (a not so polite term as domineering), I consider them a monster. They might not be green and 10 feet tall with red fangs, but a monster nonetheless.
    And Obama has ruined the country–it simply has not fallen yet. He has infused the Muslims in high places. He has hindered our freedom to bear arms, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. He has also instilled racism back into society, worse than what was back in the 60’s. He has aided our enemies and abandoned our allies. When our enemy attacks we will have little defense. Why they’re letting him remain in office is a mystery to me. Hillary will be no better than obama, maybe worse; who knows.
    I know enough of my Bible to know that neither obama nor hillary are Satan or the anti-christ. I will be in heaven when they’re doing their thing on earth.
    All in all, good post and well said.


  3. Ok, so I heard you call Christians “vitriolic” and “idiots”. Is this the equivalent of only blacks being able to call other blacks the “N” word and not really be insulting to them? A little sarcasm intended, but overall I find this to be fairly condescending in nature and insulting in particular. I agree with civility in discussion but you are using the same buzz words that our liberal friends use. “Duck Dynasty Christian”, really? And if you can’t see that the liberals are going to use the “gender card” to it’s fullest extent in this election, you are not as informed as you think. See recent quotes by Hillary and even Chelsea. You would be better off pointing out positive areas of freedom that conservatives are trying to maintain in this country and the ways that liberals are trying to divide us into oppressed groups. Other than that, Hey, I loved the clip…… :-).


    1. Dave:

      1) I didn’t call Christians vitriolic and idiots. I said that certain behavior is vitriolic and idiotic. And yes, when Christians go on about Mr. Obama being the antichrist or about Democrats hating America, they are being idiots.

      2) This post never mentions “Duck Dynasty Christians.”

      3) I’m not talking about playing a gender card – I’m saying that we shouldn’t criticize Mrs. Clinton for the same qualities we might find desirable in a man.


  4. Great article!! I agree only 93%.

    While I do agree that gender bias is “real phenomenon in our society,” I don’t think it plays a major role in Conservative Christianity’s hatred for Hillary, like you’re insinuating it does.

    There are other reason why she is hated by Conservative Christians. I will list them in the order of greatest to least:

    1.) She has the last name of “Clinton.” – Conservatives HATE that last name! It doesn’t matter what her first name is. It could be “Chelsea” or “Roger” – It doesn’t matter! Conservatives don’t want to see another Clinton in the office of POTUS; male or female. They don’t want a Clinton dynasty.

    2.) She’s been there before. She was the First Lady of the United States of America along side of her husband, President Bill Clinton. To be honest, I believe that as much as they don’t want Hillary in the White House, they don’t want Bill back there, either.

    3.) The Clinton’s are shady. From Whitewater to Lewinsky to Benghazi to private email accounts, scandal has always been a part of the Clinton Family legacy. Conservatives have a way with hating the morally bankrupt instead of loving them like Christ did.

    4.) I concede: She has boobies. They may drag the floor when she walks, but she has them, non-the-less. For that reason, alone, there’s people out there who do & will hate her for that.

    But it’s not the #1 reason in this election that a vast majority of Conservatives hate her. I believe that most card carrying Duck Dynasty Christian conservatives would elect Sarah Palin in a heart beat if they could, not because of her gender, but because they like what she has to say.

    Yes, gender bias exist. But it’s not as big of an issue in this race as you’re making it out to be.

    The same Nation that 8 years ago elected an African American man as POTUS is ready to elect a female POTUS. We’re just waiting for the right one to come along. 😉


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