Dear America, You Left the Christian Nation Behind

flag-1192625_1920A few days ago a friend of mine posted a video of British Prime Minister David Cameron. In the video, Minister Cameron was giving his annual Easter message from 2015 and made repeated references to Great Britain being a Christian country.

And American conservatives are going NUTS for it. I’ve seen comments from people telling the PM to “stick it to Obama” and thanking him for “having the guts to say what Obama would never say.”

Watch the video:

Here’s the thing that conservative American Christians needs to understand about this video and, the bigger issue at hand, our own history: AMERICA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION! In fact, we left the Christian nation behind because our founding fathers didn’t want us to be a Christian nation.

There is still an official Church of England. There is no Church of America (not officially, anyway). One of the ideas of settling in America was that there would be nobody to force our form and manner of worship – we can worship how we choose. We were part of a Christian nation and we left it behind to pursue something else.

It is inappropriate to our history and our Constitution to try to force a national faith on America now. Don’t misunderstand me – I believe that the Christian faith IS the only way to God. I do not believe that we can force the country into a mold from which it never came.

America can’t “get back” to anything because it never started out that way. It started out apart from a national faith. This ALSO means we cannot misappropriate the biblical promises to Israel and claim them as applying to the United States of America. They are not ours to claim. We are not God’s chosen people. If we humble ourselves and pray then God will not heal America and restore it to its pre-Cold War greatness.

That is NOT biblical. We can serve the one, true God from any nation on earth. We can serve the one, true God no matter which party is in office. My God is bigger than partisan politics and international borders.

If you can’t get down with that, perhaps your god is to small…

6 Replies to “Dear America, You Left the Christian Nation Behind”

  1. Beautifully expressed! Christianity from it’s origins was not an “institutional” entity. It was a personal relationship between an individual and the Son of God and his Father. It has always seemed to me to me that the way in which we live our Christian principles comes down to the way we deal with others on a first person singular basis. It seems to be a distortion to nationalize one’s religion. The beauty of our freedom is that there is room and time for each of us as self determined individuals to find our way to an understanding of Godliness. Or not. To be a good American is not to be a participant in the “National”religion,but rather to be a Christian leads to being the best kind of American,with understanding and appreciation of the inherent value each of other.

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  2. Of course, there’s still the question of whether Great Britain really is a Christian nation — or ever was. Just because they SAY they are doesn’t mean they are. Though they might have a state church, their track record isn’t very . . . um . . . “Christian.”

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