The Gospel According to @Twitter


Many Christians are familiar with the Easter Story from the Bible. We hear it at least once a year. But too often the stories in the Bible are too far removed from our present reality. They remain “other than” rather than being an integral part of our contemporary story.

For that reason, I asked a group to join me in retelling the Easter Story as it could have unfolded had the characters in the story had Twitter accounts. Since Twitter only gives you 140 characters, we had to be succinct in telling the story. Taking up additional character space, we also needed to identify the character and include #EasterStory.

Other than that, no holds barred. Twitter has a funny way of bringing out sentiment and thought in short, pithy statements. Some of our contributors were brilliant. Some were silly. But it put a great new spin on a centuries old story of grace, forgiveness, and redemption.

So here you go:

There you have it – the Easter Story in a nutshell. No, it’s not Scripture, but every once in while it might do us some good to try to see a story through someone else’s eyes. It can bring us to new insight and understanding on the most powerful and significant story in history.

Happy Easter!

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