Angry God!

So the other day a lady in the church approached me and said very hesitantly, “Um…can I ask you a question?”

My automatic response was, “Sure. Shoot!”

She then went on to ask a question about faith that had been bothering her. But she felt really uncomfortable asking the question.

After I answered her another question popped into her mind. “Um…can I ask another question?”

Answers kept spawning new questions. Every time she felt bad about asking, as though her very speaking the questions would ruin her salvation.

At that point I told her, “Any god that is not big enough to handle honest questions is not a very big god. My God is so big that he can handle any question we might have about faith.”

It’s true. The Bible is filled with people asking God tough questions. Don’t let atheists and agnostics fool you – Christianity has never been mindless and blind following. Faith is tough stuff. We wrestle with serious and difficult issues – the most important questions humanity has come to faith for answers.

No matter what your question, you won’t offend God. He’s heard them all. He knows how broken we are. In spite of our brokenness he loves us anyway. That’s real love.

So when you wrestle with the tough stuff, it’s okay to ask God, “Why, God? I don’t get it!”

You’ll be in the company of biblical writers and faithful Christian men and women throughout history.