Dear Little Baby Jesus…

Do you pray to Little Baby Jesus?

The Church Plant

welcome to church

At the end of this digital church service there’s a place for comments. We’d love to hear from you. What did you take away from the service? What spoke to you? How can we do better?


Last week we looked at the response Mary and Zechariah had to everything God was doing in their lives. Today we continue our look at the story of Jesus through the Gospel According to Luke, the third book of the New Testament and we get to see the birth story of Jesus.

Before we begin let’s just address the title of this post.

Every year I hear the complaints about the “war on Christmas” and “let’s keep ‘Christ’ in Christmas. But Xmas means Christmas. In the ancient world, when every word was written with a quill and ink, people would often abbreviate names by using the first letter of the name. It saved…

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