Christmas to the Cross: A Christmas Eve Worship Service

The Church Plant

Merry Christmas!

Near the end of this service we will take communion together. Go ahead and get your bread/cracker and juice/wine ready now. 🙂

Ready? Cool.

Waiting for God’s Chosen One:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. From that moment on God was not satisfied simply to have started the human story – He wanted to be part OF the human story. He walked and talked with Adam and Eve.
He brought Noah and his family through the waters. He led Abraham away from his home in order to start a new nation

And when God’s people found themselves in desperate times, prisoners in Egypt, God sent Moses to lead them out of slavery and back to the land God promised them. But the people walked away from God and returned to slavery. This time it wasn’t with real chains and prisons – humanity became slaves to our…

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