The Best Of…

Here are the 12 most viewed posts (with brief description) on the Bible Blotter:

brittany maynard
Burn, Baby, Burn

1. Burn, Baby, Burn: Christianity and Suicide – a biblical perspective on self-harm.

2. My Kids Don’t Know They’re Black – a view of raising mixed-race children in “modern” America

…and even now is already in the world.

3. Is Barack Obama the Antichrist? – The number 1 search that leads people to my blog is: “Is Obama the Antichrist?” Let’s talk about it.

4. Forbidden Love – a look at vengeance, justice, and forgiveness through the story of Dinah.

5. It’s Not a Crime to Kill a Black Man – a response to the Eric Garner/NYPD conflict

6. Help Me Buy an Orphanage – the story of two missionaries in Africa we’re helping support.

7. Adolf Hitler Takes on Joel Osteen…and Wins! – a look at how and why bad stuff happens to us even when we don’t deserve it.Hitler

8. 15 Reasons I Left the Church: A Response to Rachel Held Evans – She proposes 15 reasons that drove her from church. I talk through her reasons…

9. Forced Gay: Punishment for Religious Dissent? – a look at Christians being punished for refusing to serve same-sex couples.

10. Reflections on Racism from a Mixed-Race Couple – a post my AfRacial Tensionrican American wife and I co-authored.

11. Dear Oprah, You Make Me Sick – Self-help guru, sure, but it’s not Christianity that she promotes…

12. Skirts in the Pulpit – a biblical view of women in ministry.

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