You’re Not Really Saved!


So it started like this: an Anonymous friend of mine in an online group I’m part of made a comment that he was going to go watch a Dexter marathon.

I jokingly said, “You say you’re a Christian but you watch those terrible shows. You must not really be saved.”

Then it hit me. Let’s play a game! Let’s come up with all the ways Christians downplay the salvation of those who don’t fit the mold. Let’s face it ~ we’re masters at belittling the salvation and faith of those who don’t fit our own mold of what it looks like to be a Christian.

I called it: Not Really Saved

Then the game took off like wildfire. Dozens of people jumped in and came up with hundreds of ways we belittle others’ salvation. Here’s but a small sample of some of the things we came up with.

You say you’re a Christian but:

1. you like beer? You’re not really saved.
2. you like R-rated movies? You’re not really saved.
3. you struggle with addiction? You’re not really saved.
4. you have tattoos? You’re not really saved.
5. you got pregnant out of wedlock? You’re not really saved.
6. you got divorced? You’re not really saved.
7. you voted Democrat? You’re not really saved.
8. you don’t have a home church? You’re not really saved.
9. you don’t read the King James Bible? You’re not really saved.
10. you smoke cigarettes? You’re not really saved.
11. you smoke weed? You’re not really saved.
12. you enjoy sex? You’re not really saved.
13. you don’t listen to Christian music? You’re not really saved.
14. you think the earth is more than a couple thousand years old? You’re not really saved.
15. you don’t pray before every meal? You’re not really saved.

The list went on and on. Some were jokes (and quite funny). Some were serious. It was clear to me that many people have been hurt by others who claim to be Christian but, for whatever reason, don’t allow certain behaviors to be part of their theological circles.

Most of the list really comes down to this:

You disagree with how I interpret the Bible and live a Christian life? You’re not really saved.

And that’s a shame. The Bible is actually not as black-and-white about all of these side issues as Christians are. Salvation really comes down to faith in Jesus. Can you smoke weed and have a saving faith in Jesus? Can you vote a certain political party and have a saving faith in Jesus?

I think so.

In the end the “You’re not really saved” lists that we all have come down to us – what we dislike or disapprove of. Don’t get me wrong – the Bible does talk about sin and Christian behavior. But we seem to add a lot of things to the lists.

Won’t we be surprised when we reach eternity and find people who didn’t live the way we wanted them to live?

If you’ve ever had your salvation doubted because of this or other issues – I’m sorry. Christians mean well (usually) but we have a horrible way of judging anything that doesn’t fit our mold.

And if you’ve ever doubted or questioned the salvation of someone else because of some behavior you disapproved of it’s time to repent. The condition of someone’s salvation is really up to God.

30 Replies to “You’re Not Really Saved!”

  1. Great article. The list is diverse. Somethings point to areas for growth others are specific to someone’s calling (really only #9). I definitely would not say to a person “you’re not really saved”, but with wisdom of the Holy Spirit show them areas for growth. And showing might mean not saying anything but just living a different life. The list is a good list of things that point to hidden areas for growth. If the person really wants truth in their inward parts so THEN sinners will be brought to repentance (psalm 23) then a contrary example will convict them to change.


    1. Yes! That’s it – as we grow to be more like Jesus then some of those behaviors WILL fall away. That’s part of spiritual maturity. But we like to judge people based on a single point of their spiritual journey.


  2. Read this a couple of times before responding. I have not had a life long church background, 8-16 and then I got saved at 32, I can’t too much of what I learned in church or about Jesus or judging from the of 8-16, but I recall this one time we had a visiting pastor and he smoked, you could see the pack through his shirt pocket…..I know! Shocking…right? Lol I recall him saying ” God is not judging me for what’s in my pocket but what’s in my heart! I don’t know why that has stuck with me? Anyway, the pastors I came to know at 32 taught me that if we get caught up in the small stuff we are going to miss what is truly important. Oh yea, no brussel sprouts, beiber, beef or mushrooms….all of those are questionable 😉


    1. Thanks for sharing! The hard part of faith is walking the line of “freedom in Christ” and “growing in spiritual maturity.” As we grow in Christ-likeness some of those behaviors will fall away. The problem is when we jump on the judging train and don’t allow people space to grow and mature.


  3. Those who believe to be saved have not this power. Only GOD can do this ! We’ll see at the Judgment Day…
    At the end of the day , one just can hope having been good enough to sit right next to HIM.


  4. Good post! Jesus spoke so much about how we are not to judge others, but rather ‘love God and love everyone’.

    Judgement is particularly damaging to those who are either interested in Christianity or trying to ‘do it right’. I recently had a conversation with a young girl who is beginning to explore Christianity but was worried about whether her bisexuality mattered. I explained that it was between her and God, and none of anyone else’s business, although she may find that other Christians would comment.


    1. The difficulty is trying to evaluate people’s spiritual condition based upon a single point in their spiritual time line. If God is doing something within us then who we are next year won’t be the same person we are now. But that doesn’t mean I’m not saved until next year.

      No, salvation comes through faith in Jesus, then God works on our character and identity from that point on. But we like to look at a static point to pass judgment.


      1. In all my Christian life I’ve never heard such a comment as those listed (in the article re being saved) fr another Christian. Not many of us r caught up in judging others as some nonChristians may think. However, we Christians that seek God with all heart, soul, mind will b sensitive to sin. In close relationship with God, and with the Word n the Holy Spirit leading us into truth, a path of righteousness should follow. One can “love the world” more than God though, and get caught up in sin or rebellion, (been there–like prodigal son) but getting close to God n repenting of sins bring assurance of salvation. Here r some verses to ponder:
        Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say? (Luke 6:46)
        If you love me, you will keep my commandments. (John 14:16)
        Faith without works is dead. (James 2:26)
        Open rebuke is better than hidden love. Proverbs 27:5
        If someone is caught in a sin, u who r spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself or u also may b tempted . (Galatians 6:1)
        I will set no wicked thing before my eyes. (Psalm 101:3)
        Thankfully God takes us as we are if we invite Jesus in, n He cleans us up.


  5. Wow, that’s an interesting take. I think that it’s a good way to think but I have a question for you if you care to answer. I know it’s not your place to say but this topic never seems to go away so I’m interested in your take on it. Was Adolf Hitler a Christian? Could he be in heaven?

    You don’t have to answer.


    1. I never mind honest conversation 🙂

      To my understanding Hitler was not a Christian – he practiced and dabbled in many religious activities.

      The Bible is clear in its exclusive claims to the one path – Jesus. Having Jesus in the bag with all one’s other gods does not make one a Christian.

      Thus it would seem to me that Hitler is not spending eternity in the presence of Yahweh.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


    2. According to prominent historian like Ian Kershaw , Hitler was definitely not a Christian. Hitler actually intend to exterminate the Christians. Just Google “table talk” , and you will learn many things about his atheistic plans.


    3. Hi again,

      Adolf Hitler was raised by an anticlerical, sceptic father and a devout Catholic mother. Baptized and confirmed as a child in Austria, he ceased to participate in the sacraments after childhood. In adulthood, he became disdainful of Christianity, but in power was prepared to delay clashes with the churches out of political considerations.[1][2][3][4][5] It is generally believed by historians that Hitler’s long term aim was the eradication of Christianity in Germany.[6][7] Hitler’s architect Albert Speer believed he had “no real attachment” to Catholicism, but wrote that he had not formally left the Church prior to his suicide. The biographer John Toland noted Hitler’s anticlericalism, but considered that he was still in “good standing” with that Church in 1941, while historians Ian Kershaw, Joachim Fest and Alan Bullock agree that Hitler was anti-Christian – a view evidenced by sources such as the Goebbels Diaries, the memoirs of Speer, and the transcripts edited by Martin Bormann contained within Hitler’s Table Talk.[8] Goebbels wrote in 1941 that Hitler “hates Christianity, because it has crippled all that is noble in humanity.”[9]

      Noticed that Hitler also made a pact with the most atheistic country : the USSR. At this time , Stalin deported Christians in labour camps when not simply exterminated them.
      Beside , the nazi troops exterminated priests and nuns in Central Europe (Poland , Belarus -at Doury-) etc… In France also , more than 600 Christian civilians (women and children too) were executed in Oradour-Sur-Glane during the summer 1944 , most of them were burned in their church.


  6. This is so good. Thank you. I try very hard not to judge because it’s really not my place to do so but I’m sure I’ve done it and I know it’s been done to me. “You spanked your children? And you call yourself a Christian!” Seriously was said to me. Anyway, thank you, we all need to be reminded now and again that it’s God’s job to decide, not ours.


  7. Love this! You and I are both listening to God because we’re both writing about the same things! I’ve been accused quite recently of not really being saved. It does hurt quite a bit. I really needed this posting today.


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