I’m a Christian and I Hate Gays

angry man

Actually, I don’t hate gays. At least I didn’t think so.

Until I watched the news.

They told me that I really do hate gays after all. If you follow the news at all you might have seen that gay marriage bans have been upheld in four states.

Before the decision people took to the streets with signs and banners and flooded social media with the slogan “No H8” (no hate)

no H8

It seems that I hate because I differ in my ideas. I hate because I’m trying to “legislate morality.”

Here’s the kicker, though – we ALL try to legislate morality. All legislature is based on someone’s morality. The real question comes down to, “Whose morality is going to rule the day?”

I prefer mine. You prefer yours. It doesn’t mean I hate those who differ any more than those who differ hate me. Are we not allowed to disagree and seek to pursue our morality and to govern according to it without name calling and denigration? One of the wonders of a democratic republic is that we as citizens have a voice in determining the kind of country we want. You want yours. I want mine. So we peacefully work to bring it about. That doesn’t make me a hater.

As a Christian I will vote for the measures and ideas I believe align with my morality and values. I would expect the same from liberal Christians and non-Christians. We cannot label opposition as hate. When the time comes that America moves completely away from my morality and values (and I have no doubt that day will come) I won’t accuse you of hate just because you voted contrary to my beliefs. That’s what being in a democratic republic is all about.

For you readers who are conservative Christians, some of you need to simmer down. It’s okay to vote your beliefs without becoming angry and mean towards those who disagree. Jesus always loved on people who were “sinners.” He called people to change and to live new lives, but he was never rude or hateful towards them.

For you more liberal types, please stop labeling us as haters when we vote our consciences.

We can love and act in loving ways while still seeking to legislate our values. Disagreement does NOT = hate.

And in case you didn’t really hear me – I don’t hate gays.

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16 Replies to “I’m a Christian and I Hate Gays”

  1. “For you more liberal types, please stop labeling us as haters when we vote our consciences.”

    The problem is that you’re voting other people’s consciences.

    It’s labelled hate when the thing you want to legislate against doesn’t impact you and doesn’t harm anyone. Whether it’s hate or not.


      1. “You are mistaken if you think it doesn’t impact me or society at large.”

        Forgive me. You’re right.

        It doesn’t impact you. Unless you happen to be gay.

        It positively impacts society at large.


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