Recently I had a conversation with a Christian friend who made the statement, “When it comes to the core elements of what makes a Christian, it’s a toss up for me between the Bible and Jesus Christ as Savior.” Jesus vs the NTI stopped him fast and said, “Whoa, there! Jesus is far more important than the Bible.”

Before you stone me as a heretic, hear me out.

Between the Ascension and the writing of the first book of the New Testament there is a gap of roughly 20-some years. The New Testament wasn’t even finished for decades after that, then even more time for the book to be compiled into a single volume.

In fact, it wasn’t until the 16th century and the printing press that we had the ability to put the entire Bible in everyone’s hands.

So the question is, “What did the Apostles preach before the Bible was written, completed, and disseminated?”

Easy – they preached Jesus! Jesus is the common denominator among all those who would consider themselves Christians. Jesus is God incarnate. He physically died as a substitution for humanity. He rose again, defeating death once and for all.

Peter once preached that there is no other name than Jesus by which we must be saved. That’s it. If you don’t hold to Jesus, you don’t fall under the title Christian.

Yes, I believe that the Bible is inspired by God. It tells the story of God redeeming humanity. It is God’s Word to us. But people have been getting saved without having a Bible since the beginning of the faith. Let’s not turn the Bible into an idol.

It’s all about Jesus!


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