Starbucks Hates Jesus: When Conservatives Use Jesus to Push Their Own Ideologies

Ah, the holidays! I think my favorite part is our annual “War on Christmas” posts and news articles. war-on-christmasI’ve written about it before here in a post called “Liberals Are Killing Christ” when a previous persecution outbreak swept ‘Merica.

Christians love to feel persecuted when it comes to Christmas, even though there is no biblical mandate, “THOU SHALT CELEBRATE MY BIRTH AND DECRY ANYONE WHO DOESN’T CELEBRATE THE WAY YOU DO.” The latest entry in the persection complex – a video post from ultra-conservative Joshua Feuerstein. Take a look:

So let’s break down what Mr. Feuerstein is saying.

1. Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their cups.

Sure, that’s possible. Even likely. Starbucks is a secular organization. In their own words, they wanted cups that made the season welcoming to “all of our stories.” That sounds horribly reasonable. It’s not a war on Christmas. It’s about a non-Christian company doing things to welcome customers from all backgrounds.

2. Mr. Feuerstein “tricked” Starbucks into putting Merry Christmas on his cup.

Well, not really. It’s not a trick when, in essence, baristas ask, “What do you want me to write on your cup?” Clearly Mr. Feuerstein is upset. He’s even thought of boycotting the coffee chain. But instead of taking a stand by refusing to give Starbucks his money, he advocates people spending MORE money there and having baristas write Merry Christmas on cup at a time.

What a protest. -.-

Sounds like Mr. Feuerstein is the one who got tricked. Starbucks gets his money AND keeps their religious-neutral cups.

3. “Starbucks…guess what…just to offend you I made sure to wear my Jesus Christ shirt into your store….”

Yup. There it is. Because that’s the Christian way to behave. The gospel will be offensive because of what it proclaims. We shouldn’t be trying to be offensive. That’s rude and completely opposite of the kind of humility Christ calls us to embrace.

What happened to treating people the way we want them to treat us? What happened to doing good even when we suffer under harsh and unfair circumstances? Get this:

The REAL war on Christmas comes from these faux-Christians who are more concerned with their rights and with smacking dissenters with their Bible than they are with actually living out the principles Jesus taught.

Mr. Feuerstein, please take off the Jesus Christ shirt. Stop using my faith to push your political agenda and ideologies.

‘Cause I’m pretty sure that’s NOT WWJD.

5 Replies to “Starbucks Hates Jesus: When Conservatives Use Jesus to Push Their Own Ideologies”

  1. I so appreciate that you are walking the walk and talking the talk in the way that Jesus did do!!!! Imagine the gentle revolution if more followed his and your example!! Whoo Hoo!!!


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